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Don Bosco Foundation articulates its work through 10 intervention programs

day services | open centers

they promote a preventive intervention based on social education, promotion and comprehensive education in children between 6 and 17 years of age in collaboration with families

complementary interventions to the educational system

desarrollan develop personal and educational conditions for the maintenance of schooling or the return of those who left the educational system

socio-labor insertion

they generate the necessary conditions for the unemployed by designing personalized, continuous and complete routes that improve their employability


support for immigrants

they accompany the processes of social insertion of young immigrants who encounter difficulties in incorporating themselves with full rights and responsibilities

residential and emancipation resources

comprehensive educational care itineraries for minors/young people in situations of lack of protection from a family environment and specialized care

family intervention

they promote training in the basic functions of the family through specific, transversal and global projects from a systemic and relational perspective

health and drug addiction prevention

prevent behaviors that pose a risk to health and promote attitudes that improve quality of life, developing positive attitudes and habits.

juvenile justice

intervene and develop non-custodial judicial measures among minors with an educational and reintegration process that seeks personal recovery

women and equal opportunities

promote equal opportunities, especially with regard to personal promotion and socio-labor insertion of women in vulnerable situations

community development and promotion of volunteerism

promote conditions of dignity, development and justice in disadvantaged areas. Volunteering promotion projects enhance and channel solidarity

our work and the SDG

In 2015, the UN approved the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which has 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

The activity of the Don Bosco Foundation mainly affects 4 SDGs


people served

in a vulnerable situation



return to formal training



have found employment



collaborate with our entity

ALMA: an active inclusion initiative for young people

The aim of ALMA is to facilitate inclusion and access to employment for participants in their home country by improving their skills, knowledge and experience, and giving them the opportunity to create new contacts across Europe.

What is an Autonomy Flat?

The Don Bosco Foundation serves young people aged 18 to 22 in situations of vulnerability or social exclusion and offers them stay and support, covering their basic training and job placement needs.

The Don Bosco Foundation manages 19 Autonomy Apartments for young people.

Socio-labor insertion program?

These Don Bosco Foundation programs generate the necessary conditions for unemployed people to improve their employability through the design of personalized, continuous and complete itineraries.

In 2022, the Don Bosco Foundation achieved the labour insertion of 4,148 people.