Don Bosco Fundation

for the
social transformation

We invite you to dream of a better world, a better neighborhood, a better future for Yoima, for Mario, for Ana, for Abdel

Research advances

We share methodologies and intervention models that can contribute to providing a better response to new and old social needs.

DidacTic Corner

With a very practical approach, we show tools that help in working with beneficiaries

Good practices

Together with the different agents with whom we build community, we bring together experiences that can illuminate social action

Social and educational innovation bulletin


Every two months, we publish a newsletter about advances and good practices in innovation in the third sector. This is an interactive publication that we spread as a collective invitation to dream of a better world.

Social and educational innovation bulletin


Innovating is everyone’s business, so we invite you to contact us if you want to participate or collaborate with the Bulletin

innovasoñar nº 1  | July 2022
innovasoñar nº 2  |  September 2022
innovasoñar nº 3  |  January 2023
innovasoñar nº 4  | March 2023
innovasoñar nº 5  |  May 2023
innovasoñar nº 6  |  July 2023
innovasoñar nº 7  |  October 2023
innovasoñar nº 8  |  December 2023
innovasoñar nº 9  |  March 2024