Don Bosco Foundation

An organization that transforms society, of the elements that generate inequalities and exclusion, and recognized for its capacity to denounce these situations and defend social justice

ALMA Project

Co-financed by the European Union and the European Social Fund + we launch ALMA (Aim-Learn-Master-Achieve), a transnational initiative of active inclusion aimed at young people in the most vulnerable situation between 18 and 29 years old, who are not studying or they do not work or undergo training

At the service of youth

We work for the promotion and full development of children, adolescents and youth in situations of social inequality and we also attend to the needs of their families and other groups.

People that inspires us

In this section we want to show the keys to those who have inspired us from the beginning or during the development of the history of this foundation.

Incorpora Program

The Incorpora Program arises with the challenge of improving the socio-labor integration of people in a situation or at risk of social exclusion, generating employment opportunities in the company.


We are a foundation of the Inspectoría Salesiana María Auxiliadora that works for the promotion and full development of childhood, adolescence and youth in situations of social inequality.

Through our work, we address the needs of their families and those of other groups in vulnerable situations: migrants, women, unemployed people, people with addictions…

The Don Bosco Foundation is committed to defending justice and reducing inequality.

We have received the Educaweb Award for Academic and Professional Guidance 2023 for the Orienta-2O Project

What do we do

We develop residential care, socio-educational, socio-labor insertion projects, we support for formal education, we fight against the digital divide, community promotion, as well as social volunteer initiatives.

How do whe do it

With its own methodology: the Preventive System. It is characterized by comprehensive education and personalized support, with the person as the protagonist of their process and in a family atmosphere.

Where are we

The Don Bosco Foundation is present in Andalusia, the Canary Islands and Extremadura through 29 social centers in which it develops 198 projects that serve the most vulnerable people.

people assisted




our work and the SDG

In 2015, the UN approved the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which has 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

The activity of the Don Bosco Foundation mainly affects 4 ODS


people served

in a vulnerable situation



return to formal training



have found employment



collaborate with our entity

What is an Autonomy Flat?

The Don Bosco Foundation serves young people aged 18 to 22 in situations of vulnerability or social exclusion and offers them stay and support, covering their basic training and job placement needs.

The Don Bosco Foundation manages 19 Autonomy Apartments for young people.

Socio-labor insertion program?

These Don Bosco Foundation programs generate the necessary conditions for unemployed people to improve their employability through the design of personalized, continuous and complete itineraries.

In 2022, the Don Bosco Foundation achieved the labour insertion of 4,148 people.

Our entity is committed to defending justice and reducing inequality.

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