Co-financed by the European Union and the European Social Fund + we launch ALMA (Aim-Learn-Master-Achieve), a transnational initiative of active inclusion aimed at young people in the most vulnerable situation between 18 and 29 years old, who are not studying or they do not work or undergo training

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How long does this experience last?

  • 90-day preparatory phase: in which participants will learn and practice for their future experience in Münster.

  • Mobility phase: in which they will travel to Germany for 9 weeks to carry out professional internships in a field that they are passionate about, adapted and individualized to the person who participates.

  • Monitoring phase: of the itineraries of the participating people. Upon their return to Spain, each participant will be accompanied by a technical team that will work to guarantee their social and labor insertion to reinforce the capabilities, opportunities and achieve the goals set by each young person.

What makes this initiative unique?


  • Accompaniment at every step (mentoring).

  • Tutoring throughout the entire process including the stay abroad.

  • Itineraries personalized to the desires, skills and abilities of each person.

  • Labor and training advice for returning to training and/or education.

  • Educational and human perspective.

Where is the training carried out?

In Münster, Germany. In collaboration with GEBA.

GEBA mbH is a regional company in Münster and surrounding areas that offers extensive services in the field of vocational training and higher education, advice and job placement to job seekers, employees, companies and public administration institutions.

Where can you find us?

In Seville, during the months of May to July / C. Padre José Sebastián Bandarán, 3.

In Cordoba, during the months of May to July / C. San Francisco de Sales, 1.

In Granada, during the months of October to December / Av. de América, 10-12.

Accompaniment to the person

The Alma Program offers 30 young people a professional internship experience in a personalized and supervised sector in Münster, with the aim of improving their skills and self-confidence to find training or a job upon their return to Spain.

ALMA: an active inclusion initiative for young people

The aim of ALMA is to facilitate inclusion and access to employment for participants in their home country by improving their skills, knowledge and experience, and giving them the opportunity to create new contacts across Europe.

Lines of action of the Alma Program

We work on each job placement in a personalized way through the Alma Program. The project incorporates a tailored approach to help them find employment and integrate into society.

Alma Program Network


Address: C/ San Francisco de Sales 1

14010 Córdoba

Phone Number: +34 957 492 942




Address: C/ Doña Rosta 4, Bajo

18007 Granada

Phone number: +34 957 138 402




Address: C/ Padre José Sebastián Bandarán 3

41013 Sevilla

Phone number: +34 954 537 047




Young participants of the Alma Program

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